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Westlake Property Trust is urgently looking to buy properties will sitting or regulated tenants .We buy properties freehold or leasehold single properties or multiple properties that are occupied by regulated tenants, sitting tenants or protected tenants.

These tenants have the right to stay in your property for a lifetime and this right can often be passed on to a family member giving you little chance of getting vacant possession. The fair rent is set by the rent office and is usually far lower than the open market rent.

If you own this type of property, we would love to hear from you. We can offer a quick decision a cash offer and we do not need to disturb your tenant by looking at the inside of the property. We are looking for long term investments, so we are able to offer you full market value.

We are always looking to replace properties we own that have come vacant and we are always looking for people who wish to sell properties with sitting tenants. We are a well funded privately owned family company.

How can we help you?

Call for an informal chat or email us to sell your property with a sitting tenant. We only need a few details to make you a cash offer!

To sell property with sitting tenants, Please telephone 01372 819799 or Email details to info@westlakepropertytrust.co.uk.
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