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If you are trying to sell your flat anywhere in England or Wales and it has a short lease, you may be finding it very difficult. We are an expert company that purchases leasehold property, where the length of lease is under 80 years and the lease term has not expired.

Unfortunately not all Banks and Building Societies are keen to lend to buyers on leasehold properties where the leases have fallen to below 80 years. This type of property is often considered unmortgageable. We buy all kinds of leasehold properties with leases of 80 years or less. We can provide you with an offer on the same day that you get in touch with us. We can purchase your flat without the need for you to extend the lease, saving you money, time and solicitor’s fees.

We are a highly experienced freeholder and always ready to purchase leasehold flats in England and Wales. We concentrate on flats with a lease period less than 80 years. This is due to the fact that selling such properties properties in the present market is very difficult with mortgage finance. There are even cases where flats cannot be sold in the standard open market. Irrespective of the lease period, we can offer you a guaranteed cash sum for your property.

If you are selling a flat or maisonette with a short lease , get in touch with us today. Get an attractive cash offers from us and allow us to free your capital.

To sell short lease flats, Please telephone 01372 819799 or Email details to info@westlakepropertytrust.co.uk.
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